Friday, 15 May 2009

Samson Blog # 1 - F*ck Faye Louise

Now I understand this may come across very offensive but be open minded and listen to the message he is sending out - It is very true and people need to realise girls are just as crafty!

Sometimes the only way to get people to listen is to be
Offensive, not Defensive!

Large up Samson aka
Black The Ripper on this one!

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  1. JHHEEEEEZZ Samson's commentary was SERIOUS

    "B*itch is lucky she even got a f*uckig drink" LOL guyss real boi!

    n lol @ ironik being a 'gangster rapper' SNM

  2. "I Dont Blame Him For Wearin Sunglasses.. Hows Man Meant To Get Hard Lookin @ Dis Scarecrow?" LOL

  3. Samson and his clan are foul-mouthed juvenile losers!!