Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Piece Of Writing Titled "Both"

For those who dont know, sometimes my mind takes me places which causes the physical side of me to start writing.

What I was feeling at the time when i wrote this piece of writing is self explanatory.

Here we go ....


Both afraid for two different reasons,
Both affected by the past,
Both scared to open up,
Both find it easier to stay closed down,
Both frightened that one will hurt the other,
Both misunderstood yet understand one another,
Both searching for the same quality both know they can both provide, what can both do?

- Maybe make sure that both hands are filled with both hands and embark on both their journeys as if it was both theirs. -


  1. Mr Akande... I LOVE this!! xx

  2. You know the one thing I like about everyting you write is that it's always very expressive and varying in depth... So I guess thats how you connect with so many people - as for this, I've definitely been here before... but it will be amazing when the time is right; it's all about trust :) x

  3. Nicely written Taze :)
    iLike x

  4. That was Beautiful.Characteristics of a Pisces ;-p

  5. Love it...who would of thought?

  6. this is brilliant Taze...
    good stuff :))

  7. I Love It!
    Lock Down Of My Life... :-)
    Ree x