Monday, 8 June 2009

No Title As Yet

The Moment We Met Is Similar To A Blank Canvas ... Nothing ... But The Urge To Create Something Out Of Nothing ... A Smudge, A Unclear Picture, An Ill-defined Image, An unfinished sketch Or A Potential Masterpiece!

Which one is it?

Honestly, I would love to just pick up the brush & paint ... Mixing colours & hand strokes revealing an illustration as beautiful as you.

If I ever held up the canvas in front of you, it would be a mirror, not because you would see yourself but you would see a portrait of how I see you.

I believe I know what the painting will look like because I am looking at you but I want us to replicate what my eyes are capturing so I can endure the experience.

The question is do you trust me enough to see what the canvas will look like or should I just put my brush down & walk away like we never actually met?

The answer lies with you & the brush I have placed in your hand.


  1. Awww!

    If you put that title up on purpose i loooove it! If you didnt, u shud keep it like that!

    I see you have a way with words Mr Black!

  2. I love it!! Let me paint for you x